Wandering, yet never lost.

β€œIn this way, the powers of Ada-mantia granted the Mundus a special kind of divinity, which is called NIRN, the consequence of variable fate.β€œ – Nu-Mantia Intercept, Letter #5

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Welcome to some pocket of Apocrypha.


This site is, you could say, a sort of online visiting card of a person who’s been roaming the MMO scene since about 2007 and is now entirely immersed in The Elder Scrolls Online, sniffing flowers and chasing trifecta achievements all over Tamriel.
Being creative in visual and written media is an incredibly important outlet to me, and this page lets me collect and showcase my favourite pieces without being beholden to the ever-devolving social media scene.


The Elder Scrolls Online


Star Wars: The Old Republic
Serene, Ayy Amersu, Neira Nardell
<The Whiteclaw Legacy>
Vanjervalis Chain > Tomb of Freedon Nadd > Darth Malgus


Lord of the Rings Online
Ethuiliel, Arphenel, Folawyn
<Helmingas> & <Haus Nevain>
DE-RP Belegaer


Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

EU-GER Drakenwald